The Stick Tournament – Part 2

The battlefinders : the stick tournament – part 2
stick fight pivot tournament animation.

Lann :
This one really took all the energy and effort, i did my best on the platform because this is my last animation on pivot. So, i hope you enjoy my best work on pivot. Thanks for your patience and support, we will keep going on this journey of The battlefinders.

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Prequel :
Part 1 :

Musics provided by No Copyright Sounds :

Deflo & Lliam Taylor – “[Dark] Reflections” :

Andromedik – “[Duel of] Titan[s]” :

Mendum – “One Third [Fragment]” :

Michael “White” – “Angel’s [Final] Anthem” :

NIVIRO – “The Guardian of Angel” :

Andromedik – “Let [The] Me[mory] In” :

Animated with Pivot Animator.
tags : #sticktournament #battlefinders

Imagination is the only weapon in war againts reality.


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38 thoughts on “The Stick Tournament – Part 2

  1. Edited:
    I've been reading through the comment section about people saying how confusing this video, i know i know. Let me tell you what i know, i'd say it's not that confusing, Because one reason; "It's not Done." This is probably just small part of the whole story. You don't have to say how confusing it was because it made you sound like doubting what he could achieve in the future.

    This is how story works, everything don't just go boom and make sense in the first place.
    You don't think this entire backstory of these characters explained in a 10 minutes video, do you?
    We can expect and guess what happens on the story, and that's what makes a story fun and interesting.

    You can stop talking about how confusing the story is and start enjoying these animations.
    There are people who really enjoy the animation and if they want to understand, they will try to figure that out.
    We don't know how hard it is to animate with the platform, to choose the music that depicts and synchronized with each battle, to compose the fight choreography.

    He can make us disappointed if he stops with all of this thing. But i know he won't, and he will keep going.
    We can see his future of animation with these characters. He deserved all the love and support.
    Just please give em some time..

    Edit : Idk, This could be just the beginning, these stick tournament videos are just the trailer of the entire story.
    (You read this lann, you promised us the things you have worked on :))

  2. Wait WHAT when the gun guy and the teleportation guy fought WHY DID SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE COME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Hi lann Finder, for you only lann you use pivot animator . but do not good graphics. teach pivot animator lann. and create a teach channel of good graphics . by Part Gamer

  4. This took me a long time to figure out but here’s what I’ve covered so far…

    The mana crystal alchemist, cyberior soldier and the guardian are on one team and are working together to kill the gold guy, while the shadow guy, teleportation guy, and (maybe) the gun guy are working together for some apparent reason. I haven’t figured out what their backstorys or anything are yet but I love the animation and time taken in this and this is so creative, especially the last battle, it seemed like an anime.

    Edit: btw I think the white guy may be working with the guardian, cyberior soldier and alchemist because he killed himself to make the mana go away to prevent the gold guy to absorb anymore energy

  5. Wow this is so good i hope so much you will do it together until u bored every thing is so perfect bro all off this is very good and i like it

  6. one thing I think I learned:

    When the flash goes out on the screen and holds for about three seconds.

    Something awesome happens.

  7. 12:40 the man got owned without any mercy at all for this short period of time

  8. This is seriously one of the smoothest, cleanest, best pivot animation, most are not as smooth and as well as just having a smooth animation, you made better, more creative fight styles for animations. This is amazing and I hope you keep it up!

  9. bruh i need to need to know your ways
    btw im a pivot animater and this is a master piece compared to mines. i now feel like i suck

  10. Everyone can see how much effort you put into making the perfect characters and picking the perfect background music. All of the characters are so amazing that it is impossible to pick a fovorite! It would be awsome if someone turned this into a whole flash game with an amazing story or at least made an alternate version in which different characters win different battles!

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