The Stick Tournament – Part 1

the stick pivot tournament animation – Part 1 animated by Lann.
“The BattleFinders” There will be part 2, It might takes long time, but we’ll try the best.
Improved Animation, More Fighters, and unique abilities and fights.

“Don’t take it too seriously, there will be explanations for everything.”

If you haven’t watch the prequel, watch :

No Copyright Sounds Musics :
Paul Flint – Savage :
Aeden – [He] Finds a way out :
Cartoon – Why [will] we lose [?] :
Mendum – [Celest]elysium :

Frequency Music :
Robin Hustin – [These] feelings :

Sound FX : Pepper
Made with : Pivot animator
(This Pivot Tournament will be my last animation with Pivot)
Hashtags : #stickman #sticktournament #Battlefinders

“Excellence is not being the best, it is doing the best”


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36 thoughts on “The Stick Tournament – Part 1

  1. dude yo animating spot on also next time a one that can idk bend the elements like avatar would be dope or one that can summon any animal

  2. This sick man animation is too good animated that when no watch it I feel like this creator of this animation will say it's easy animating but hard but easy but hard but easy but ha….20000 years later

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