Sihanoukville & Koh Rong Travel Guide

Once a sleepy beach town, Sihanoukville is undergoing a rapid transformation, but with crime, gambling and displacement of locals on the rise, is this development good for the city? Luckily, Koh Rong is another world; a heavenly island only an hour away. Here’s the story of Jekyll and Hyde on the Khmer coast.

+ Sihanoukville’s transformation 1:03
+ Sihanoukville’s problems – 1:40
+ How to get there – 2:38
+ Ouchheuteal Beach/pollution – 3:04
+ Otres Beach – 4:54
+ Red Light District – 5:47
+ Pool at the Girly Bar – 6:51
+ Ferry to Koh Rong – 8:34
+ Koh Rong – 9:01
+ Longset/4K Beach – 10:12
+ Outro – 11:24

These are the essentials to Sihanoukville and Koh Rong shot completely on my iPhone X with Filmic Pro.

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35 thoughts on “Sihanoukville & Koh Rong Travel Guide

  1. 2020 update Now everything change We banned gamble now the beach is back to me most beautiful beach you ever see Come and experience again before we try to make the city to be Macua of Southeast Asia but now We have make it in to parts and develop with sustainable nature.

  2. Such a precious video. You are the first person that put all those songs as background. Good informations and well studying. Sihanouk has been changed a lots. I hope after the constructions and change the officer, it could be better. Now it becomes a little bit good. Anyway thanks for your video

  3. Thanks for sharing and being brutally honest Mitchell. It is so sad to see what has happened to Sihanoukville and soon, all the coast of Cambodia. I was there in 2003 and fell in love with Sihanoukville. While on the beach, watching the sunset, with a drink in hand, I told myself I will return here one day because I fell in love with the beach and people. Since then I have not returned…all my family and friends in Cambodia told me it is not the same place when I was last there. It is infested and has been taken over by the Chinese. Corruption and the underground world has taken over. Most of the local, honest, loving Khmer people have been chased out. The government sold their souls and Srok Khmer to China. I hope one day in the future, Cambodia will find a Khmer loving leader; but it might be too late by then.

  4. this is one of the best travel video that covers koh rong and sihanoukville, thanks for presenting the underlying problems, which the bypassing tourists dont notice at all, having lived there for 3 years its very imporant to me that these things are spoken about

  5. i saw this video before booking holidays in Cambodia and Koh Rong. i thought you were just crying and a negative person. I was so wRONG!koh rong just a garbage island with lots of waves and scammers overpricing everything without any service! Lost our money but most important time and mood! Just skip Koh Rong! Sihanuville is a giant contstruction site witn dust.

  6. Talked about China tourists "raping" the environment in Sihanoukville; bad ugly word. What about all those decades of raping by the West before China came?

  7. Too much anti-China tone. Seems to suggest Western domination is ok but investment from China is all colored bad. Part of the bitterness certainly is about competition with China money that makes the western tourists spending money goes less far. What about that turning Sihanoukville into an "unregulated" Las Vegas? There's always regulation though the enforcement can be loose. But with maturity and better economy, the rule of laws will pick up.

  8. Sihanouk ville replacement of Macau. China want these money outside motherland
    At moment can't touch in Macau money soon they will shut down Macau lease out. Smart planning

  9. '' honest women '' …either my brain is not suited for that sentence, or my humble experience tells me to distrust even the '' honest ones ''…let that,…sink in…

  10. So what I am thinking is simply don't go to Cambodia if your primary intention is to find a beach vacation. There are other locations in SE Asia where you can find the outstanding beach experience if that is your primary vacation goal. But there are many other reasons to go to Cambodia, other than the beach, so it still remains a worthwhile destination.

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