How to reset your Samsung TV password lock pin.
1. Switch your TV onto standby
2. Press the below key sequence in quick succession:
Mute – 8 – 2 – 4 – Power

* Please note that if your TV comes on during this key sequence, you will need to begin the process again.

3. The PIN code will have been reset to 0000.
4. Enter your new PIN code and confirm it.
5. Done.

How to enter Samsung TV service menu :

Samsung TV SETUP :

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28 thoughts on “SAMSUNG TV RESET PASSWORD LOCK / Lock PIN Reset codes

  1. Worked like a charm, thanks, just a hint for other people, after reset, could happens that 0000 doesn't work for your tv, so try instead 1111 or 1234, for my tv was 1111 .

  2. It didn't work. Yes, it is Samsung and I closed it pressed mute 8, 2, 4 but power I couldn't becacuse after I pressed MUTE it turned on

  3. OMG TYSM U SAVED MY LIFE btw I have a question I have Samsung tv version 1110 and I can’t like update it? Can u help me

  4. mas e no modelo RU7100 ? que o controle não tem números ?

    but what about the model RU7100? that the control has no numbers? help me please

  5. Why did it like factory reset my tv i just changed the pin and it reseted and btw im a kid so i dont know what to doo

  6. Can. I ask a little bit do you have tutorial how to connect that Samsung TV on WiFi. Wireless thank you for you're response.

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