Movie Sonic Is Faster Than Video Game Sonic

These Two Sonics Aren’t As Similar As You Think
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Making movies out of video games is never an easy task. Especially when your source material is a blue hedgehog running really fast and collecting a bunch of rings. Seriously, how do you write a movie like that? Well, for one, you get Sonic a human pal in James Marsden and a human enemy in Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik. From there, you start telling a story.

But what if the story doesn’t matter? People probably aren’t coming into theatre to watch Sonic The Hedgehog expecting to have their lives changed. They’re expecting to see the furry little blur zipping around the world, using his speed for comedy and action.

The movie’s got lots and lots of source material to draw on, but a Sonic movie, made largely with CGI, presents different opportunities than a comic or a video game. Games are interactive and, despite the fact that the speedomiteres in them might say that Sonic is ripping along at thousands of miles per hour, he’s not. If he did, the games would be impossible to play. But movies are just things to watch and the filmmakers can speed up and slow down time at will. So, in the movie, how fast is Sonic? Well, today, we’ll be looking at some scenes from the movie and calculating just how speedy Sonic really is.

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41 thoughts on “Movie Sonic Is Faster Than Video Game Sonic

  1. Just watched the movie and the radar gun in the rental version only had him going at 296 mpr, then 300 mpr, not 760 mpr. WTH… (Went back to double check to make sure I wasn't misremembering.)

  2. The thing about Sonic is that (to my knowledge) nobody at sega or sonic team has confirmed his speed. The back of the box for Sonic unleashed claims he runs faster than the speed of light, but that’s probably just to hype you up to play the game. The light speed dash though basically confirms sonic can go at least as fast as the speed of light, but even still that’s just on a trail of rings. Sonic cannot go at his normal speed in games from what I’ve heard because that would be “too fast” which does make sense I guess. His speed in games varies so it’s kinda hard to come with a solid calculation because one moment in unleashed he is going the fastest we have ever seen him go (gameplay wise) but then years later he is going so much slower than what he did in unleashed. (Talking about sonic forces) From what I know nobody at sega or on sonic team have confirmed his speed either so we as sonic fans are left in the dust. I’d like for sega to give sonic more feats for us to base him up on, he has defeated gods before and we know that since SA1 sonic’s power has surpassed his old super form. But we don’t have any really solid evidence on how fast sonic truly is. Like at least in DBZ and the flash comics the characters make statements on some of their powers and speed to inform the audience on how strong or fast they are at the time. Personally I want sega, dc comics, and funimation studios to come together and compare sonic’s, goku’s, and flash’s power and speed so fans can know who comes out on top out of the three, and to help us sonic fans come up with an understanding of how strong and fast sonic really is. But that’ll never happen

    Edit: I forgot one more thing that just baffles me. Super Sonic being beaten by Knuckles in S3&K, but later in the game Knuckles gets beat by base form sonic, forgot to mention this even though it is one of the biggest inconsistencies in all of sonic

  3. Isnt anyone gonna talk about when he showed sonic and knuckles it said Sonic adventure 2 battle, the same thing happened but instead Sonic adventure 2 battle appeared and then it Said Sonic and Knuckles

  4. Movie Sonic is not faster than Video game sonic Video game sonic and go Super Saiyan and other forms and Movie sonic can’t

  5. lol he road in the truck to make a friend and hangout with them. so that way he could enjoy earth a little longer.

  6. except the calculations used for game sonic in sonic 1 are took straight from game theory ich used modern sonic's height instead of classic 's, measured green hill as just a straight line with no slopes s pipes or loops , and forgot acceleration

  7. He might be faster than video game sonic but he is never faster than sonic X sonic cause he literally ran past the whole desert and ran all the way back to the city in the stadium in a SECOND

  8. CBR:movie sonic is faster than video game sonic
    Super and hyper sonic:I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

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  11. Game sonic: '' im the fastest sonic''
    Movie sonic: '' I think you mean I'm the fastest sonic''
    Archie Sonic:'' Hold my chaos emeralds''

  12. The funny thing is…
    Movie Sonic is the same sonic in the videogames…
    Like how Classic Sonic is just a younger version of Modern Sonic.

  13. Eh sometimes I go super fast I can make portals and it’s not just movie sonic that can stop time I can to we are both really fast sometimes when I boost I fly but it’s your opinion not mine

  14. Huh. Well I was thinking that the truck ride was weird, I just assumed it was Sonic wanting to socialize. 😂

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