Microsoft Office for Mac Full Free Genuine Version! February 2020 Release

Here is the link:

Office for Mac (February, 2020 release v16.34)
This version is fully updatable, you can update anytime to the latest version of Office for your Mac!

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If there is any problem on installation or download, please comment here.


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38 thoughts on “Microsoft Office for Mac Full Free Genuine Version! February 2020 Release

  1. Why they put " We've detected a one-off purchase license. The license ……". SO i cannot start doin anything. Hopefully anyone can help me with this one.

  2. After lots of research was about to pay, lastly searched in YouTube.. finally! Thank you tons 🙏🏻

  3. Everything went smoothly until I launched Microsoft word and it only gave me the option to go premium or paid subscription. What could have went wrong??

  4. Do you have any videos/link for ligthroom??
    btw, this one worked perfect. is wired to see this type of videos on youtube.

  5. Thank you so much finally i found your video useful and i am able to download and i just wanted to know onething how much space does it takes to install

  6. You are amazing. Thank you so much for your easy steps. I am now using microsoft office for FREE.

  7. Hi,
    After installation, when I try to open the application(excel/word/PP) it says excel/word quit unexpectedly

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