MA PI LENG PASS: Vietnam motorbike adventure

This was our last adventure in Vietnam and it was one that I will remember forever. Crossing the Ma Pi Leng pass by motorbike was incredible. We ended up driving this road three times and even after that I would have loved to do it again.

The road that we did is also called “Extreme North Motorbike Loop” but we didn’t do it by motorbike all the way because we had a lot of photography gear with us and it would have been impossible to carry it on a motorbike. So we choose to travel by bus some sections of the road and rent a motorbike to drive the most important sections.

On the first day we made a trial run to see how the road was and if we can ride an automatic scooter or if we had to take a manual one for this adventure. We reached the Heaven’s Gate Lookout Point after which we went back to Ha Giang.

The next day we took a bus to Yen Minh and because we could not find a single scooter to rent there, the next day we took the bus again to Dong Van.

In Dong Van we found a scooter after half of day of searching and we started our way to the most nordic point in Vietnam. After reaching the north pole of Vietnam, we headed back to Dong Van then to Ma Pi Leng since we still had some time left in the day.

The next 2 days we rode on Ma Pi Leng Pass, every day eating lunch in Meo Vac and venturing on the less known roads in that area.

After a week spent in the extreme north of Vietnam we had to leave and go back to Hanoi then continue our journey around the world.

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10 thoughts on “MA PI LENG PASS: Vietnam motorbike adventure

  1. Thank you for travel in Vietnam hope you have a great time there and have a nice trip all through your travels.

  2. Wow. How phenomenal the scenery is ! I can't wait to explore this place. Thanks for sharing this video, keep up good work , bro.

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