Inazuma Eleven Go! Strikers 2013 – All Mixi Max (Ultimate Eleven in History)

This video shows all the mix max (mixi max) to form the ultimate eleven in the history!

The hissatsus are truly epic, especially the Strongest Eleven Wave (Saikyou Eleven Hadou)!

I use Dolphin (Wii emulator) to play the game.

To download my trainer (hissatsu modifier), go to:

Gecko Codes:

Max Lightning
027ACC2C 000000C8
027ACC38 000000C8
027ACC44 000000C8
027ACC50 000000C8
027ACC5C 000000C8
027ACC68 000000C8
027ACC74 000000C8
027ACC80 000000C8
027ACC8C 000000C8
027ACC98 000000C8
027ACCA4 000000C8
027ACCB0 000000C8
027ACCBC 000000C8
027ACCC8 000000C8
027ACCD4 000000C8
027ACCE0 000000C8

TP Frozen at 100
027ACC2E 00000064
027ACC3A 00000064
027ACC46 00000064
027ACC52 00000064
027ACC5E 00000064
027ACC6A 00000064
027ACC76 00000064
027ACC82 00000064
027ACC8E 00000064
027ACC9A 00000064
027ACCA6 00000064
027ACCB2 00000064
027ACCBE 00000064
027ACCCA 00000064
027ACCD6 00000064
027ACCE2 00000064

Max Fire Gauge
047ACDAC 000000C8
047ACDB0 43480000

Max Money
045262DC 05F5E0FF

All Characters Unlocked
04526128 FFFFFF00
0252612C 0009FFFF
04526140 FDE003FF
04526144 FFFFFFFF
04526148 1FA3FFFF
0452614C FFF00000
04526150 FFFFFFFF
04526154 FFFEFFEF
04526158 07CF0000

All Hissatus Unlocked (experimental, use it at your own risk)
02526220 001FFFFF


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  1. بس ممكن سؤال هاذه اللعبة ايش اسمها واي بلاستيشن هي بلاستيشن 1 او 2 او 3 او 4 ممكن جواب

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