How to play Hot Seat

Learn the rules to the board game Hot Seat quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 25 points by fooling the other players into thinking that your response was written by the player in the hot seat. Setup. Give each player an answer pad and writing utensil. Shuffle the deck and place it face down on the table. The player with the most recent birthday is in the hot seat. This player is in the hot seat. Give this player the score pad.

When it is your turn to be in the hot seat, you draw three cards from the top of the deck, read them privately to yourself, then pick one to play face up on the table, discard another, and if you want to, you may give one of the cards face down to another player. If it is your turn to be in the hot seat and you have a face down card in front of you, you must play that card instead of drawing 3 cards from the deck.

When the card is played it is read aloud and each player, including the one in the hot seat, writes their name and an answer to the card in play on their answer pad from the perspective of the player in the hot seat. The player in the hot seat collects the answers, making sure no one sees what anyone else wrote, and shuffles them and reads them aloud. If the player in the hot seat needs clarification to an answer, they may take the player aside for help.

If 1 or more players wrote the correct answer, then they each receive 4 points and the round immediately ends. If multiple players write the same answer, then all duplicate answers are removed from the game without being read, these answers may not be guessed.

Starting with the player to the left of the hot seat and moving clockwise, each player now guesses which answer they think was written by the player in the hot seat. The player in the hot seat may not give any clues to which answer is theirs. Once everyone has guessed then the player in the hotseat reveals which one they wrote, and points are scored.

If you are the player in the hot seat, then you score 1 point for each player who correctly guessed your answer. If you aren’t in the hot seat, then you receive 1 point for each player who guessed your answer and 2 points if you guessed the correct answer.

The round is now over. The player to the left of the hot seat is now in the hot seat. Repeat this process until a player has 25 points, then they are the winner.

Some alternate rule variations you can play are as follows:

One and Done: the player in the hot seat draws one card and must play that card.

Blind three: The player to the left of the hot seat draws the 3 cards instead and picks one for the player in the hot seat to play.

Originals: Instead of playing a card, the player in the hotseat creates an original question.

So True: After everyone has guessed, the player in the hot seat picks the most accurate response, other than their own, and awards the writer of that answer 2 additional bonus points.


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