Daily Osu Highlights: You're welcomed

My online course, Overnight Automation Engineer, is officially entering beta!

Thank you to everyone who supported the first version of my course. I loved being able to (virtually) meet all the early students with the 1-on-1 video coaching. I listened to all of your feedback and incorporated lots of it into the new version of the course.

While the beta version of OAE doesn’t include any of the 1-on-1 coaching that the alpha version had (this may return as an option for the full release), it’s now at a much more accessible price point as a self-study course.

I want as many people as possible to test it out before the main release, so for a limited time you can use the coupon code “BETALAUNCH” for a special discount.

Head over to to use it!

If you’d like to submit a clip (for user submission of the day), drop a link in the comments – I’ll contact you if I end up using it! Please include a sentence or two on what your channel is about.


Hi, I’m Joseph and this is Gloomshot: Osu, a highly advanced curation bot that compiles the best moments of the best Osu streams.

Every day, Gloomshot: Osu:
– Seeks the web for the most exciting stream highlights,
– Edits these clips into a daily “best of” video,
– Promotes the original creators and their streams here in the video description,
– And compiles these highlight videos into short playlists for maximum Osu viewing entertainment!

This process is done automatically, but I make updates to Gloomshot’s curation algorithm every day. Help me improve it by commenting about what clips and streamers you enjoyed / didn’t enjoy.

NOTE: If you are a Osu content creator and don’t want your videos to be promoted on Gloomshot, just shoot me a message (email (joseph[at]gloomshot[dot]com) is best) and I’ll edit the algorithm to blacklist your stream.


Gloomshot: Osu is a highlight curation bot, NOT a highlight creation bot — none of these Osu clips are mine.

Content creators are what makes the Osu community, so if this video introduced you to a stream you like, make sure to support them by viewing their channel and SUBSCRIBING so you can see the action live at the source.

Source streams for today’s highlight video:

[00:00] Osu Highlight #1: “Wata fAak?” clipped by altair785
Support mathi109 here:

[00:20] Osu Highlight #2: “You’re welcomed” clipped by stepbacktv
Support beasttrollmc here:

[00:37] Osu Highlight #3: clipped by brawl_y
Support thekushvanman here:

[01:09] Osu Highlight #4: “toxique” clipped by kynexiz
Support takoz5334 here:

[00:53] Osu Highlight #5: “goose steals nalian’s cursor” clipped by mooshlol
Support nalian_ here:

[02:08] Osu Highlight #6: “??????????????????????????????????” clipped by jemzsee
Support rinnuosu here:

[02:39] Osu Highlight #7: “entreaty to the giant chicken of deth ” clipped by mrnolife_
Support beasttrollmc here:

[03:48] Osu Highlight #8: “Frog hat hate” clipped by kyuuvrc
Support beasttrollmc here:

[03:06] Osu Highlight #9: “weisskatz” clipped by lukas1
Support thornedprince here:

[05:07] Osu Highlight #10: “btmcWeirdChamp” clipped by stepbacktv
Support beasttrollmc here:

[04:04] Osu Highlight #11: “Feelsgoodman” clipped by sonku3
Support thornedprince here:

[05:31] Osu Highlight #12: “Tough” clipped by 1misstwo
Support willly here:

[04:49] Osu Highlight #13: “KEKW FC CHOKE KEKW KEKW” clipped by andria_uwu
Support nalian_ here:

[06:52] Osu Highlight #14: “cinco de mayo” clipped by suzukisoren
Support suzukisoren here:

[05:44] Osu Highlight #15: “Coulda been better” clipped by commandoblack123
Support commandoblack123 here:

[06:33] Osu Highlight #16: “First Big Black pass (206th attempt)” clipped by einar_jon
Support einar_jon here:

[07:03] Osu Highlight #17: “bruh mode” clipped by nannbreadpls
Support nannbreadpls here:

[07:20] Osu Highlight #18: “???” clipped by gloomshot v1.5-c
Support doremy_puyotet here:

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39 thoughts on “Daily Osu Highlights: You're welcomed

  1. 6:35 what do u mean first big black pass!!!! What about rrtyui and the other guys who FCed it wtf!!

  2. Omegalul Comeback 🙂

  3. Me trying to sing in osu cuz my friend made me do it https://m.twitch.tv/clip/SeductiveZanyNightingaleOneHand

  4. beautiful choke 😀

  5. I like how when I called him bad, he got mad and called all his friends upon me and now they're attempting to spam my discord and call racist things. https://puu.sh/FrJI1/52c8c7dccd.png (@t=77)

  6. Today's user submitted clip comes from miles_naismith (submitted by Miles Naismith). Please check him out at https://www.twitch.tv/miles_naismith/!

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