30 Years of God Game History | Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Spore and more

Let’s take a journey through time, from the beeps and bloops of the 1980’s to the modern day in PLAYING GOD — a documentary covering 30 years of god simulation games. From industry legends like Peter Molyneux and Will Wright, to independent or even solo games, the God Game has been a beloved but underappreciated genre that deserves a thorough exploration.

This is my 2nd feature-length video and my longest and most ambitious production to date, so I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making it!



00:00 – Introduction
02:10 – Defining the God Game
04:26 – The Genesis of the God Game – Populous
07:42 – The Bullfrog Era
08:47 – Powermonger
09:59 – ActRaiser
11:39 – Populous II
14:04 – Magic Carpet
16:36 – Magic Carpet 2
18:42 – Creatures
20:00 – Dungeon Keeper
25:22 – Populous: The Beginning
29:04 – Dungeon Keeper 2
31:26 – The End of Bullfrog
34:26 – The Lionhead Era
34:33 – Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
36:50 – Startopia
38:40 – Black & White
51:18 – Black & White 2
1:01:11 – Spore
1:08:12 – Clones & Successors
1:10:11 – From Dust
1:12:10 – Reprisal Universe
1:13:04 – Dungeon Keeper Mobile
1:14:57 – Impire
1:15:43 – Dungeons 2
1:16:48 – Dungeons 3
1:17:44 – War for the Overworld
1:20:37 – The Indie Era
1:21:35 – Godus
1:27:47 – Godus Wars
1:30:58 – Reus
1:32:09 – Rise to Ruins
1:33:54 – Deisim
1:34:57 – Tethered
1:37:04 – Townsmen VR
1:38:08 – Crest
1:40:16 – The Universim
1:42:19 – In Conclusion


Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and Magic Carpet II soundtracks by

Populous: The Beginning and Dungeon Keeper 2 soundtrack by

Black & White 2 soundtrack by

Additional music tracks from the


Deisim gameplay by Tommy Maloteaux |

Townsmen VR gameplay by Klorinmannen |

EGX – A Bullfrog and Lionhead retrospective

No Man’s Sky gameplay by Video Games Source |

Heart of Darkness gameplay by AdventureGameFan8 |

Evil Genius gameplay by Charmed |

Rise to Ruins combat by FallenShogunGaming |

“16-bit Memories” Amiga artwork by Toni Bratincevic

Utopia footage by 5 Minutes of Every Game |

Dungeon Keeper (Mobile) gameplay by Shadeslay |

Idle Worship gameplay by TheMajorasMask |

Curiosity footage by by VG247.com and cubeclickerplus

Miracle list

GDC Black & White talk with Peter Molyneux

IGN Interview with Peter Molyneux

Evolution gameplay by Franco |

Hi-Octane gameplay by InsertDisk |

Fable: The Journey gameplay by TatarKhan |


Job titles, credits, general game information
Wikipedia |
Moby Games |

History of Bullfrog

Populous II

Information about cancelled Bullfrog projects

What happened to Spore’s development

Lionhead and Black & White

Glenn Corpes’ comments about Peter Molyneux and interviews:

Godus articles

Molyneux’s criticism of DK mobile game

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37 thoughts on “30 Years of God Game History | Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Spore and more

  1. Thanks so much for watching my latest vid! This was nearly six months in the making, so I'd be eternally grateful if you shared this with your friends and family.
    Vote for Black & White 1 & 2's rerelease on GOG ► https://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/black_and_white_1_2_1
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    Your dungeon floor is lumpy…. order your minions to jump up and down!
    The wizard needs food.
    It is the witching hour…. Curses are half price!

  3. Sorry for the criticism, because I do like your videos, but your script-reading flow (notably your punctuation/paragraph spacing) and inappropriately-applied vocal inflections often make it difficult to follow. In the first 70 seconds of this video there has been 3 instances of this.

    Even though I'm British and English is my first language, I usually have the subtitles on for your videos. It's not your accent BTW, which I generally have no problem with.

    I don't know. Perhaps it's just me.

  4. Populous the beginning and dungeon keeper were my childhood. Amazing games I still revisit these days. Timeless.

  5. @Indigo_Gaming Love your videos 😘 Thank you for putting the table of contents with timestamp links for every game. True quality and attention to detail ✔️

  6. Chris Hecker, you piece of shit. Completely fucked this game because it wasn't "Cute" and "Marketable" enough.

    You'll be in the book of grudges for life.

  7. I played every mentioned game after the first Dungeon Keeper. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. But DK is the best. I still re-play DK I&II every second year or so.
    Thank for the review, I really enjoyed watching it!

  8. It's my first time experiencing this new timestamp thing that vibrates when you drag red ball that navigates the video across these stamps, needless to say, I enjoyed dragging it back and forth like the manchild that I am.

  9. You might have forgotten something.

    Viva Piñata.

    No, i'm serious! I know it's a farming game. BUT THINK ABOUT IT.

  10. Magic Carpet…. man i love that game, same with black and white. i wish they would remake them and do them justice once and for all.

  11. Remember as a 9-10 year old kid i woke up like 30 minutes earlier sometimes before school to play dungeon keeper or populous. 30 minutes back then felt like 2 hours….such a pleasant time. The smell in the morning of an old computer starting up in a cold, dark small room, in the winter, on the countryside with windows 95/98 is nothing i'll never forget…plastic and electric 🙂
    Loved black and white as well, had trouble Finishing BAW 1 though….

  12. The black and white game looks like a perfect match for a VR remake.
    throwing around stuff etc…

    sounds fun

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