🐓👍Rooster Chicks – Chicken Farm-By Free Wild Simulator Games Simulation-itunes/Android

👍Played By 12 year old Joseph👍
Hens and chickens do not accept every rooster as its male. In fact, poultry animals are very demanding with the dominant male and do not always accept him.
Imagine being a rooster chick, a juvenile bird in a poultry farm full of chickens and chicks. Your duty is to become the dominant male but you do not have enough strength yet and every hen, chick and chicken rejects you… In this animal simulator game you will have to be a brave rooster chick and prove all the hens and chickens the place you deserve in the poultry farm!
Come on! Let´s start fighting to become the dominant male with this simulator!

– Dodge every poultry animal on your way in an exciting survival race in a chicken and chicks farm
– Speed up and run accurate! Any slip and you will be beaten by an animal!
– The more you practice, the better you will run and the more chances you get to become the dominant rooster: These races are easy to pick up but hard to master! You only need to select the difficulty level!
– Very intuitive to play: You just need to tap on the screen to escape and safe your life in this adventure!
– This addictive simulator game is available for every mobile device

What are you waiting for? Start the animal race now and become the dominant rooster of the farm!

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